Finabl FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions and we are always looking to add more as needed. Feel free to Contact Us if you don't see your question below.
Q. How do I get started with FinMe?

A. Download FinMe App from Google Play Store or follow this Link. Also visit our company website to understand FinMe thoroughly.

Q. How does FinMe work?

A. FinMe is a relationship-based lending mobile platform that allows you to securely lend and borrow money with your friend or a family member. As a borrower, you can raise a request with your friend/family member directly. Please visit Products and Services section of our website for more details.

Q. What are the minimum requirements to open a FinMe account?

A. FinMe mobile app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and used on a Android mobile. Also required are a bank account, email address and your Id proof to complete your KYC.

Q. How secure is my personal information?

A. We are obsessed with security and use best practices, tokens and 128 bit or higher encryption throughout the application to ensure we never store your personal information or bank details. The privacy and security of your data is our top priority. We outline our policies and practices in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Q. Can I change or remove my bank account?

A. You can always add new bank account as alternative or default funding source to send or receive your funds. However, bank accounts that are linked to active loans can only be changed after the active loan agreement is closed only.

Q. How soon will I receive the funds after the loan is approved?

A. Once your loan is approved by your friend, family member or trusted relationship, the funds can be posted to your bank account the same day of receiving the funds from the lender into FinMe account or within 3 business days of receiving them into FinMe account, depending upon your bank’s fund clearing process.

Q. Can I lend / pay money using my credit or debit card?

A. To protect the integrity of the platform and each of our users, FinMe uses 100% online bank transfers. Credit or debit cards are not accepted.

Q. Does FinMe guarantee the repayment of a loan I make?

A. FinMe is not a lender and does not offer or provide any loan guarantees or repayment guarantees. All loans made on the FinMe mobile application platform are personal loans based on trusted relationships with your friends, family, contacts and trusted relationships.

FinMe provides a system to automate the repayment process and encourages all borrowers to repay all loans per the agreed payment schedule. Automatic reminders and notifications are sent to all users throughout the loan period.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts?

A. FinMe allows users to lend and borrow as little as Rs.1000 and as much as Rs.250000 with payback periods from 1 month to 36 months.

Q. What fees am I responsible for while using FinMe?

A. FinMe charges a one-time flat service fee of 5% of the borrowed amount. No other fees are incurred or charged by FinMe.

Q. Can I use FinMe to request a loan from multiple contacts?

A. FinMe is not a crowdfunding platform. All loans on the FinMe application are private, one-to-one between two known users that have been verified. Subject to change, users can currently have up to five outstanding loans and/or up to Rs.250000 outstanding.

Q. Can I be a Lender and Borrower?

A. Yes!
Lend to help others when you have extra cash, but when life hits you with a financial surprise (which is inevitable) be a Borrower on the platform.

Q. Can I lend and borrow money with anyone?

A. FinMe is a relationship-based mobile lending application that allows users to lend and borrow money with known or existing relationship and verified contacts in your mobile device. The lender or borrower must be an existing contact in your mobile device and FinMe will verify their identity before providing access to the platform. This is an inbuilt security feature to protect the integrity and security of the FinMe platform for all users.

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